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Bionix® B4000 Bed System Measurement Device

In 2006 the Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup (HBSW) issued a document entitled, “Bed System Entrapment Dimensional and Assessment Guidelines”. These guidelines have been published to both aid in the design of new bed systems and to assess entrapment risks associated with hospital bed systems. In response to these guidelines and the need for safe bed systems, Bionix Safety Technologies offers the innovative B4000 Bed System Measurement Device. The B4000 is the only validated tool that tests to the FDA’s Hospital Bed System Dimensional and Assessment Guide document.

Features and Benefits

- The only validated test tool for assessing a bed system’s conformance to the FDA guidance document.

- The only device specifically designed to test the four critical entrapment zones of a bed system.

- Allows a two-person team to test a complete bed system within 15 minutes.

- Easy to read Pass/Fail indicators located on the device.

- Safety strap designed to prevent the device from falling to the floor during testing.

- Includes preformatted testing sheets to quickly and easily record test results.

- Includes carrying case for easy transport and storage.

- Includes instructional DVD for training on the use of the device.

Cone and Cylinder Tool

The Cone and Cylinder Tool are used together for testing Zone 4 or easily detach to allow use of the Cone only for testing Zones 1-3..

Key Dimensions:

- The diameter of the large end of the cone is the width of a small adult head or 120 mm (4.725 inches). 

- The diameter of the cylinder is the size of a small adult neck or 60 mm (2.362 inches).

- The cone and cylinder together is the weight of a small adult head and neck or 15 lbs.


- Easy to read red and green zones on the cylinder section determining pass or fail. 

- Easy to read lines on the cone to measure mattress compression. 

- A safety strap to prevent the device from falling to the floor. 

- Attachment ring for spring scale..

Scale : 

The scale is used to apply 12 lbs. of force to the cone for testing Zones 1 and 2.


- Large, easy-to-read display.

- A hook used to connect the scale to the Cone Tool.