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About us

Nuven Medica is working towards bringing technologically innovative products to various medical procedures. It has a marketing Joint Venture and Partnership with advanced medical technological companies from USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, China and Taiwan (ROC). 

Product ranges from rigid endoscopy CMOS, 1CCD, 3CCD camera systems including 4K UHD system. Instruments for various procedure and rigid scopes for endoscopy camera head. Distal tip flexible endoscopy system and Portable all-in-one camera OTO scope, Airway mobile scope, Smartphone endoscope and USB endoscopy. 

Advanced medical grade monitors and optical display solutions are provided to enhance the vision during diagnostic procedures.

Specialized single use HS catheters, procedure trays, uterine manipulators, injectors,

endometrial samplers, IUI catheters and LEEP/LLETZ electrodes from USA for radiology imaging, fertility/IVF clinics and OB/GYN practices.

Specialized in medical devices:

- Endoscopy equipment (Rack & Portable)

- ENT scopes 

- Endoscopes and instruments

- Distal tip flexible endoscopy

- Medical grade monitor solutions

- HS Catheters and IVF

- Medical consumables for hospitals

NUVEN MEDICA has operations over ASEAN countries with regional HQ at Singapore. In India it has over 3 offices at Delhi, Chennai and Pune.